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  1. Creating a bot
  2. Connecting your calculator to the bot

Creating a bot

First of all, log in to Telegram using your account credentials

Step #1

After logging in, enter @BotFather into the search field and find the needed bot

Official Telegram bots have a blue checkmark confirming their status

Step #2

Click «Start» to activate the @BotFather bot

Step #3

After launching the bot, you will see the list of available commands. Enter the /newbot command.

Step #4

  • Enter the bot name (this name will be visible to your clients when they will be chatting with your bot).
  • Enter the bot nickname (the nickname should be unique and have the «bot» word as the ending).
  • And that's it! You're all set. You will receive the bot link and its token (copy it, as it will be required to set up the integration with uCalc).

    Connecting your calculator to the bot

    You can connect your calculator to the bot using 2 methods:

    Through the dashboard for managing projects:

    Using inside the calculator«Advanced settings»:

    To connect the bot, you need to provide the following details:

  • Token received during the bot creation
  • Button text
  • Welcome message after launching the bot
  • After providing these details, click the «Save button», and the bot will be connected!

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