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Create them yourself in 10 minutes — no programming skills needed
Choose from dozens of customizable, ready-to-use templates by industry or build one from scratch.
With the visual editor, quickly add sliders, lists, checkboxes. Collect contacts and accept payments – everything is at your fingertips!
Improve SEO performance of your website, get email and SMS notifications about orders, send messages to clients.
Use a calculator on your website, or share its link via messengers, social media and email.

Benefits For Your Business

Better SEO Rankings
Improve your budget by targeting low-frequency queries, obtain user behavior indicators for better outcomes and rank higher in search results.
Satisfied Customers
Prompt price calculations for your customers. Instant invoicing via SMS or email means convenience for them.
Gain an Edge Over the Competition
Sell faster than your competitors by getting sales-ready leads, you won’t waste time on responding to inquiries from users with little interest in your service.


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Our Service Makes It Easy To

Change Design
Take advantage of ready-to-use templates for popular industries and services
Add images easily to any element
Change colors and fonts without hiring a designer
Configure Calculator
Set up automatic discounts for quantity and type of products and services
Change prices and settings without a developer
Receive email and SMS notifications about orders
Process Orders
Send email and SMS confirmations on the order status
Collect payments directly in the calculator
Track your stats and see where the orders come from

Perfect For Any Website

Once you’ve created and saved your calculator or form, its universal code can be embedded into a website on any platform.
Sign up and get access to our guides, telling you how to install a calculator on popular website platforms and CMS.
Sign up and get access to our guides, telling you how to install a calculator on popular website platforms and CMS.

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Ready to create a calculator?

Create a calculator of any complexity in a visual editor without coding skills by setting up the fields to fit your business' and website audience's needs!

Order a custom calculator made according to your requirements

We will find a contractor for you and control the quality of works and the deadline. You will need to pay only after approving the submitted work — while the job is in progress a fee of $99 will be put on hold by your bank.