Quiz builder for social media and messengers

Create quizzes and surveys from ready-made elements and share the results with the world
Start from ready-to-use template or create quizzes from scratch. Warm up your audience!
Identify your users' needs and divide them in groups to meet everyone's needs
Contact collection
Entertain clients and grow profit for your business at the same time! User data can be passed to CRM
While the client is warmed up and ready for buying, offer payment options directly in the quiz

Why quizzes are beneficial

Increase sales
You can find out exactly what your clients want and offer them what they really need. They will be glad to get a targeted proposal
Reduce Load on Your Team
No more long consultations and excessive load on your sales managers. Now your clients make decisions themselves using quizzes that automate sales
Grow Client Base
Your base growth can be accelerated, as your clients will be more comfortable to share their contact details in forms


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What uCalc Brings to the Table

Manage Design
Ready-made designs with preconfigured logic jumps and calculation formulas
Sets of color combinations and web fonts
Background images, paddings, margins, and custom CSS styles
Quiz elements
Multiple screens and custom logic jumps (survey flows)
Calculation of form results based on formulas
Sliders, multiple choice, checkboxes, file upload, and custom HTML
Connect Google Analytics in a couple of clicks
Exchange of information with CRM systems
Send your clients SMS and emails with quiz results

Compatible with all messengers

Share a direct link to the quiz in messengers and social media. You can also set up notifications in Telegram and connect other integrations
All integrations
Learn more about possible integrations of quizzes with your site and advanced functionality of forms in the Help section
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It's time to see the builder in action!

You can start absolutely for free with a 14-day trial period. No coding skills or other special knowledge are needed

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