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Build your loan and mortgage calculators, currency rate converters, deposit calculation forms, etc.
Start from ready-made templates or set your unique formula without developers
Everything you need, such as input fields, buttons, sliders, and other elements are at your fingertips
Powerful tools
Any mathematical and logical operations and screen transitions based on conditions
You can embed a calculator to your site, add it to your social network profile, or share in an email or messenger

Benefits of financial calculators

Perfect for SEO
Forms improve the content quality on the website, boosts behavioral metrics, and bring real value to your customers
Client engagement
Improve not only traffic to your site, but also your visitors' engagement. Nurture leads, gather contact details, and even collect payments
Competitive advantage
Gain a competitive edge: collect feedback, send your clients calculation results and notifications, connect analytics, and examine obtained data to better understand your audience


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uCalc financial calculator features

Beautiful design
Dozens of ready-made designs with themed calculators
Possibility of quick update of design theme and fonts
Built-in blocks or pop-up windows with a call-to-action button
Result calculation
Mathematical and logical operators, advanced equations with priorities
Screen transitions based on preset conditions
Custom HTML code and scripts for complex tasks
Contact collection
Intuitive integration with CRM systems and analytics
SMS and email notifications
Online payment connection

Integration in a few clicks

A calculator easily integrates with the site page code via HTML snippet. It works with CMS systems as well as with cloud-based site builders
All integrations
Step-by-step guides for the most popular platforms are available in the help section
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