How To Build An Interactive Calculator For Website | A Complete Guide
How To Build An Interactive Calculator For Website?

How To Build An Interactive Calculator For Website?

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Most customers today are looking for transparency on a small business website. Prior to purchasing a particular product or service, potential buyers want to see clear numbers and sums. The use of online calculators may be a good option in this case.

Most customers today are looking for transparency on a small business website. Prior to purchasing a particular product or service, potential buyers want to see clear numbers and sums. The use of online calculators may be a good option in this case.

One of the reasons they are effective is that they prevent cheating or additional costs for clients. As a result, a credibility boost is relatively simple with such an approach. When you are establishing your online reputation, a simple tool can have a major impact.

Have you ever wanted a calculator on your website? It sounds like a great idea and a cool feature for your users. But when you try to accomplish it, you discover that it’s not that simple after all. You feel the need to hire a programmer or learn a new skill just to add this seemingly basic function. The good news is, there's an easier way to have it! This article will show you how to create an interactive calculator for a website and how to use it.

What Is An Interactive Calculator?

Interactive calculators are tools that enable consumers to get to the bottom of their sales funnel as they progress through their journey. A fully customized experience is generated based on the data provided by the consumer. An interactive calculator is an excellent way of engaging with consumers to elicit information in a fun, interesting way that feels more like play than an actual sales pitch. This type of tool works best on websites or blogs where there is a large amount of traffic and interaction with the brand's core audience.

When evaluating your business, most people don't know the exact solution they need, so they search for products or services that can help them solve a problem.

For example, when they want to find the best price for a washing machine, they don't know if they need one with an automatic spin cycle or if they prefer to do the spin themselves. So, before making a purchase decision, they need to calculate the cost of both alternatives and make a choice based on their personal preference.

An interactive calculator makes this process easier for your leads because it generates all the necessary information for them in real-time. This fact alone makes the public look at the brand as an expert in the subject, which motivates them to know more about the solutions offered and become a business client.

Interactive calculators are also great tools for online marketing because you can integrate them into landing pages or product pages and give people access to all the information without leaving your website.

It's important to note that this type of content should be light and responsive since any appearance of complexity can turn people off. The process must be strategically planned to create interactive content using the most appropriate tools.

Why does your company need to produce interactive content?

To sustain consumer engagement with a digital marketing strategy, content needs to be provided that nurtures the consumer. A top-notch lead generation strategy attracts leads and qualifies them, a critical step towards a healthy conversion rate.

To create a genuinely engaging experience, you need to work with interactive content throughout the process. By including elements of interactivity, the lead will be motivated to consume the material. This is a great way to boost engagement and provide valuable insights into the consumer.

An interactive quiz, for instance, can provide many benefits. The quiz provides a much more interesting experience than merely a questionnaire, as participants are rewarded with results after taking the quiz. This is a great platform for brands to gather data on customers' pain points, the stage of the funnel they are in, and much more.

The digital marketing market is already considering this type of strategy. Ion and Demand Metrics conducted a study together, and it found that 90% of marketing professionals believe interactive content is beneficial to the customer education process. Nearly 96% say such materials influence consumer purchases.

The full customer lifecycle journey can be enhanced through interactive content, beginning with attraction and concluding with establishing a lasting relationship.

What Are The Advantages of Having An Interactive Calculator On Your Website?

Why is it necessary to start using calculators on your website? That's an easy question to answer. Using this tool will increase your audience engagement by 38%, while static content will only have a shareability rate of 17%. For this reason, you should implement an interactive calculator on your website right away!

“93% of marketers agreed that interactive content is effective in educating its buyers. ... 88% of marketers said that interactive content is effective in differentiating their brand from their competitors.” Source: UNUM.

To highlight the importance of interactive calculators, we have compiled a list of the benefits that you can get by integrating them with your websites.

1. Lead Generation

The use of an interactive online calculator offers one good reason you can't afford to lose: qualified lead generation. They provide your clients with specific solutions they may be looking for. Give your clients a chance if there is something they can calculate, no matter what industry they are in! It's also critical for your company because it will save clients and your time on phone conversations and emails, in addition to wedding party prices, mortgages, education costs, and many other things. Among other things, it can estimate the cost of a car, diet requirements, and everything else that counts.

2. Use interactive calculators to engage your audience!

Personal information is very attractive to people, especially when it provides a solution to something important to them. For this reason, interactive content is two times as likely to be shared as static content. Imagine, for instance, a car dealer who shares his calculations on social media with his friends and asks which one they should pick? You can see the relevance of including a calculator on your website now.

3. Bring Value to your clients

Your clients are looking for practical solutions. Thus, creating shareable content with solution tools is a great way to turn visitors into paying clients.

4. Personal information

Clients who want instant data sharing are more likely to share their data when they want instant feedback on their calculations. It's so frustrating to struggle with the collection of personal data for so long. If so, why not take advantage of our interactive online calculator to see how easily you can collect valuable personal data and increase sales?

5. Ease customer experience

The use of quizzes and calculators reduces buying processes in branches, where calculations and estimations guide decision-making. It is more than an invitation to your customers to calculate your company's services or products. It is what sets you apart from your competition.

6. Better SEO & Improve traffic

Are you aware that online calculators increase search engine rankings and attract targeted traffic? The error rate decreases as visitors of the website spend time on the chart-based page and behavioral indicators of the app increase as they spend more time with the page. You will draw more organic traffic to website pages that use an online converter if you choose the right keywords.

This would save time for more research on the order and reduce needless requests for demand information. Within a matter of minutes, a consumer will receive their balance for all the items they selected. Consumers will receive a realistic estimate of the expenses rather than set deals.

It is important to note that an online calculator shouldn't be placed on a blank page, and it can work in conjunction with other motivational factors, such as consumer feedback and a list of the company's advantages. Incentives and discounts are a great way to keep users interested and thus motivate them to make purchases.

7. Simplify routine tasks and improve performance

With an online calculator, almost every task in your company can be simplified, improving your performance. For example, engineering calculators are used for construction, financial calculators are used to calculate taxes and banking details, schools and colleges use educational calculators, athletes use sports calculators, weather calculators provide forecasts, and health professionals use health calculators.

It is not necessary to embed one of these calculators on your website to boost your business. Using these calculators can save you and your employees time on any calculations you or they might already be doing manually. You can access hundreds of online calculators with a single click to perform calculations efficiently in no time. Time is the key to performance, so your performance improves if you can finish time-consuming tasks faster.

Types of interactive calculators

It is vital to understand the types of interactive calculators so that you can choose the right one for your business. This is by no means a definitive list, as you can combine features and adjust your calculator in order to meet your target audience's needs. However, starting with the most popular calculators is a good place to begin.

ROI Calculator

Due to the importance of return on investment in the consumer's purchasing decisions, ROI calculators are among the most common formats on the market. In addition to promoting the company's value proposition, it can be related to a product or service.

By entering some information, such as monthly spending and conversion rate, the user can calculate ROI quickly. Another example of this is a calculator that estimates the savings that a customer would experience if they invested in a specific service in three steps.

Discount Calculator

Discount calculators are perfect for one-time campaigns that are meant to wake consumers up to the need to act immediately. Offering this type of content in the sale season, for example, helps the customer estimate the amount they will save by buying during sales.

In spite of the fact that it may seem complicated, it is extremely simple to produce a discount calculator if you use the right tools. You can easily create this type of content with a lot of websites that provide simple and customizable tools.

Quantity Calculators

Incorporate the client into the process using the quantity calculators to plan strategically. Using this feature, for instance, can facilitate service pricing if your business creates budgets based on customer demand.

Financial Planning Calculators

Interactive calculators like this can be very beneficial to companies involving future products, such as insurance, financing, and loans. Considering dreams, like weddings, graduations, and vacations is also important.

You can establish your brand as an expert in this field by helping consumers plan for such occasions.

Health or wellness calculator

For example, gym clients can benefit greatly from a calculator that focuses on health or well-being. Using the tool, users can see how many calories they have consumed over a specific period, how many pounds they have lost through various exercises, and how much body fat they have lost.

Measurement conversion calculators

Interactive calculators in this format are common in e-commerce sites and stores dealing with imported goods. This can be useful in international travel as it can be used to convert currency and other measurements.

Love Or Friendship Calculator

Use a love or friendship calculator to keep your customers entertained. With these interactive calculators, your next Valentine's Day or friendship campaign can be a big hit. Compatibility scores are calculated using customers' information and a loved one or friend. If you indicate that your products or services are relevant to the experience, you can post information about them on the result page. Showcase your offerings in this way, and you'll create demand for your products within your customers.

How can I create an interactive calculator with Ucalc for free?

With uCalc, you can build an online calculator for any website in an easy and efficient way. Thanks to the intuitive drag-and-drop mechanism, creating a calculator takes only a few minutes. You don't have to worry about coding since the platform is beginner-friendly. uCalc allows users to create custom calculators and forms on the web rapidly with just a few clicks: just a few clicks, and you're done.

In addition to being a good option for businesses on a limited budget, this tool has many useful functions, such as generating leads, processing orders, and payments, processing orders from the target audience, registering guests for events, offering a subscription to the company's news, and notifying about special offers.

If you want to create a calculator using Ucalc, then follow the steps given below:

1. Sign up

uCalc allows you to register using your email address or through your social media account. Just select the account that you want to use to log in to uCalc.

2. Create a calculator or form

Now you need to create a calculator. You can do this by clicking on the '+' button. You get two options here. Either you can create a calculator from scratch or go with one of the ready-made templates available on the website. Going with a ready-made template is recommended because it saves you a lot of time.

3. Customize the design

The layout of the calculator is divided into separate blocks. You can always add any of the following elements, whether you build it from scratch or edit a template: list, slider, checkbox, radio button, field, text, image, and button. Additionally, you can choose from 4 design themes and change the background color and element colors.

4. Work out a formula

In addition to mathematical expressions, calculators have logical operators ("if", "or", "and"). These can be used to set up a result for a range of conditions.

5. Embed code

Once you have customized your calculator to your liking, the service will generate a code that you will need to paste on your website. Once you paste the link on your website, it will appear on the webpage.

It is possible to integrate the calculator with statistics services, such as Google Analytics and PayPal, for receiving payments. The special button can connect the calculator to both services.

In addition to standing out among competitors, adding a calculator will save your managers' time and increase their productivity. It will also improve behavioral factors and increase your website's ranking in search results.

What Are Other Best Interactive Calculators For Websites?

Although uCalc is one of the best online calculator builder websites, plenty of other websites also offers the same service. We have listed some of the prominent websites below:

1. JSCalc

JSCalc is a custom online calculator that can be integrated into a variety of web projects to provide mobile-friendly calculations. All you need to do is write a simple script. Even a first-timer won't have a difficult time completing the procedure as the system provides detailed instructions on how to do so. This calculator will benefit sales managers, small businesses, independent entrepreneurs, and website owners focused on sales. Some of the highlighted features of JSCalc are as follows:

  • Major Math Functions Included: Math.js, Moment.js, Lo-Dash.js libraries, and other math functions are available here. The software allows you to script your own programs to use all sorts of math functions.
  • Enhanced Security: Because the platform uses enhanced SSL encryption, you can be completely confident that your payment information is secure.
  • High Compatibility: Embedding calculators developed with the software is as simple as copying and pasting the code into any application or website.
  • Mobile-Friendliness: Mobile and desktop devices will display great on JSCalc, which is 100% touchscreen- and mobile-friendly.
  • Free Support: When you need third-party assistance in creating your online calculator, feel free to contact the service's support team to receive free assistance.

2. Calconic

You can create and integrate an interactive calculator into your website using CALCONIC - a free interactive calculator builder. The web calculator can be launched, customized, and embedded into your website without knowing any coding. Digital marketers, affiliate marketers, entrepreneurs, sales managers, content marketers, and other professionals who wish to improve their business potential and profits will find the service helpful. It offers the following benefits:

  • Extensive Template Choice: Various calculator templates are available for any niche on the platform.
  • Lead Capture Option: Several eCommerce tools are included in the calculator (PayPal buttons, online/offline payment acceptance, integrated order forms, etc.) that significantly contribute to effective lead generation and high conversion rates.
  • Powerful Integrations: When working with complex formulas, you can use a handy formula editor or implement Zapier with regard to your business needs (Slack, Salesforce, Google services, etc.).
  • Conditional Element Visibility: In addition to displaying specific data, you can hide or display particular input fields/components in response to your current conditions.
  • Advanced Calculator Builder: With the WYSIWYG calculator editor included, users can easily customize their calculators. Adding a calculator to your website is as simple as dragging and dropping input fields and elements.

3. Calculoid

The Calculoid calculator develops and integrates interactive payment and calculation solutions. Lead generation and conversion rates are high as a result of the platform's use. As well as web calculators, the software can also be used to create and embed pricing forms, polls, quizzes, and checkout forms. Drag-and-drop editing makes creating an app easy without requiring any coding skills. There are several notable features of the service, including:

  • Integrated Math Functions: Math functions are built into Calculoid so that you can perform any calculation in real-time without programming knowledge.
  • Utmost Compatibility: Mobile optimization and 100% security come with the software, which can be used on any website or application.
  • Versatile Templates: Our users have access to a comprehensive library of calculator templates (pricing, ROI, loan and debt, saving, online store calculators, and more) that allow you to boost your project's interactivity and accept multiple payment methods.
  • Lead Generation: If a visitor uses your calculator, you can get in touch with them. In order to generate new leads for a certain mailing list, users can receive calculation results via email.
  • CSV Tables: CSV tables can be inserted into your web calculator to collect data for further calculations.

4. Outgrow

Your leads will grow with an interactive calculator packed with modern features with Outgrow. Users can integrate and configure appealing content based on the niche they specialize in order to attract new customers. Calculators for ROI, pricing, website and growth, and other projects can be added to the tool. Businesses, real estate agencies, insurance companies, and finance companies are the best candidates for the program. The first thing you need to do is pick a template for your calculator and then use the tools to customize it. The system includes the following features:

  • Calculation of Complex Formulas: Calculators of all types can be created using the platform to find out the significance of complex formulas. In addition, it is possible to calculate interest, bonds, mortgages, if/else statements, as well as discounts and discounts.
  • Multiple Integrations: The Outgrow platform offers a wide range of marketing and sales tools to help you grow your business. There are numerous applications such as Google Sheets, Aweber, MailChimp, Marketo, Hubspot, GetResponse, Salesforce, etc.
  • Fast and Handy Project Development: A smart built-in builder makes project creation easy while providing a variety of tools and features. The most popular are single/multi-select options, text entry, numeric sliders, opinion scales, rating, date/time pickers, and more.
  • Chart/Graph Integration: Users can add more interactivity to their projects with dynamic charts and graphs. These include pie charts, tables, line charts, radar/polar charts, as well as bar charts.


It is an eCommerce and digital marketing platform focused on customer engagement and experience. This is great for web stores, marketing companies, educational projects, media companies, etc. Using this tool, you can build, design, and integrate interactive content of any type without writing a line of code. As a result, there is a greater chance of creating leads and converting the target audience into active customers. Below are some service advantages:

  • Custom Calculator: In addition to price quote calculators, key metrics and personal finance calculators, website costs, and agency services calculators, the software allows you to build a variety of custom calculators for more effective lead generation on your website. Personalized quotes can be sent via email. Users can configure their offerings, and coupon codes can be integrated, results pages can be created, etc.
  • Logic Jumps: With this feature, users have the option to skip irrelevant questions and inquire more deeply about specifics in an automated manner.
  • Multiple Interactive Content Items: You can drag and drop multiple content items onto the canvas to create interactive online forms and calculators. There are also drop-down menus, date and time pickers, sliders, ratings, buttons, contact information, file uploads, video embeds, social links, timers, coupon codes, and more.
  • Integrations: By connecting multiple integrations, you can diversify the user browsing experience with Involve.Me.


Your conversion rate and customer engagement will increase with a calculator on your website. Potential customers will perceive your website as more trustworthy with the help of a simple tool.

Each calculator builder reviewed in this post can be used for creating and embedding a quality online calculator on your website or application. In addition, you do not have to be an expert at coding to use these tools, and the results you get will certainly meet your goals. Our services provide exceptional math functions, a wide range of calculator templates, powerful integrations, and other benefits related to our niche.

However, on the list of online calculator builders, uCalc holds the top place. You can add custom calculators to your website with this program. The calculator can be easily customized, built, and used. A free package is included, as well as affordable plans. This is one of the most cost-effective solutions for boosting website performance and sales.

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